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          AN12 中級:Power Systems for AIX II: AIX實現與管理


          講授系統管理員在維護和支持 RISC/6000 上運行的 AIX V6L 時需要的技術知識:如何安裝操作系統和軟件; 
          AIX 操作系統的一些重要概念將在這門課中介紹:比如文件系統、邏輯卷,性能分析與故障診斷;
          使用管理子系統包括 cron 安排系統任務和安全,以實現對文件和目錄的定制訪問.。

          承擔 RISC/6000 上運行的 AIX V6L 操作系統管理和運行任務的人員


                 Install the AIX operating system, filesets and RPM packages
                 Perform system startup and shutdown
                 Understand and use system management tools, focusing on SMIT and IBM systems director console for AIX
                 Manage physical and logical devices
                 Understand the logical volume manager
                 Perform logical volume and file system management
                 Create and manage user and group accounts
                 Perform and restore system backups
                 Utilize administrative subsystems, including cron to schedule system tasks, and security to implement customized access of files and directories
                 Configure TCP/IP networking
                 Understand and Implementation Workload Partitions


                 Day 1
                     Unit 1 - Introduction to IBM POWER p systems, AIX and System Administration
                     Unit 2- AIX System Management Tools
                     Unit 3 - System startup and shutdown
                     Unit 4 - AIX installation
                 Day 2
                     Unit 5 - AIX Software installation and maintenance
                     Unit 6 - System configuration and devices
                     Unit 7 - System storage overview
                     Unit 8 - Working with the Logical Volume Manager
                 Day 3
                     Unit 9 - Managing file systems
                     Unit 10 - Paging space
                     Unit 11 - Backup and restore
                 Day 4
                     Unit 12 - Security and user administration
                     Unit 13 - Scheduling
                     Unit 14 - TCP/IP Networking Overview
                 Day 5
                     Unit 15 - Workload Partitions
                     Open Lab Time

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